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MobileDBA takes database administration to the next level. First, it provides DBAs with a remote wireless connection to their database from any location using PocketPC or Palm devices. Next, the device is loaded with Proactive Technologies’ leading edge software application that allows DBAs to completely administer their database as if they were in the office. Finally, the application is extremely easy to use, being an entirely “stylus” only driven application.

The MobileDBA software package includes server software that resides on an organization’s LAN, behind the firewall and thin client. MobileDBA was designed with security in mind. It has several layers of security and can seamlessly work with VPN, SSL, DESX and other encryption protocols.

New Features:

Server Manager

  • Secured connection to Unix or Windows server command line.

  • Run server commands.

  • Startup or shutdown database.

  • Manage listener.

  • Run database backup scripts and any other scripts on foreground or background.

  • Create and edit scripts.

  • View Oracle Log files.

With server manager functionality DBAs can use this application even when database is down. Administrators will be able to connect to database server simply by selecting DB name and providing OS userid/password. MobileDBA ServerManager supports SSL , ECC/DESX protocols and can be seamlessly used with Mobile VPN solutions. 

Space Manager

  • Monitor and manager tablespace size.

  • View and alter all tablespace parameters.

  • Add data files to a tablespace.

  • Manage rollback segments.

  • Place objects online or offline.

Example: You are driving to the airport with no phone jack available. You receive a page from the Help Desk that a user received error message saying that Oracle cannot allocate new extent for index, and no other DBA is available. With MobileDBA you can pull onto a safe shoulder and resize the tablespace in minutes.

Object Manager
MobileDBA Object Manager is a innovative administration option that allows the administrator among other things to explore database objects by schema or by object type from a common entry point.

  • View complete information for all object types in the database.

  • Create, modify, or drop critical database objects.

  • Monitor database objects and change storage parameters.

  • Drill down to information related to the object.

  • Manage partitioned tables and indexes.

  • Grant or revoke object privileges.

  • Recompile stored procedures.

Example: From the Table Details screen under Object Manager, the user can click on “Tablespace” for a specific table and view all relevant tablespace statistics and information.

Session Manager

  • Monitor user connections.

  • View active or inactive session separately.

  • View session statistics and details.

  • View last SQL.

  • View session locks.

  • Kill session.

Example: Friday night family dinner doesn’t have to be canceled because DBA received a pager message that job runs for 6 hours instead of 30 min. Using Session Manager DBA can quickly check for deadlocks and resolve it by killing locking session, or looking at user’s SQL statement realize that table index is not used, then DBA can create and analyze index, using MobileDBA Object Manager.

Security Manager

  • View, create, modify or drop user.

  • View, create, modify or drop role.

  • Grant or revoke system privileges.

  • Grant or revoke object privileges.

  • View profile details.

  • Grant or revoke object privileges.

  • Recompile stored procedures.

Example: You are in an important planning meeting and receive a page that a newly hired manager needs immediate access to the corporate data warehouse. You can quickly add the new user without leaving your important meeting.

Performance Manager
Proactive performance monitoring and resolution functionality.

  • View system resource utilization statistics.

  • View memory and CPU usage.

  • View I/O statistic reports.

  • Monitor current “Top 10 Resource Users”.

  • Monitor current “Top 10 Expensive SQL”. 

Example: While using Performance Manager to remotely monitor available tablespace and tablespace allocation, an administrator can drill down to tablespace details and resize or change default storage parameters.

Instance Manager

  • View main instance information.

  • View instance memory allocation.

  • Modify instance parameters.

Example: While troubleshooting slow performance issue, a DBA of e-commerce company noticed frequent redo log switch. By changing initialization parameter for log_checkpoint_interval DBA reduces overhead for log switch improving performance for on-line application.

Job Manager

  • View running jobs.

  • Stop running jobs.

  • View and modify scheduled jobs.

  • Reschedule jobs.

  • Run jobs.

  • Create or remove jobs.

With MobileDBA Jobs, database administrators can manage Oracle jobs functionality.

SQL Commander
SQL Commander is an interactive interface for a user to run any database command or query as if they were at their desk.

Example: A user can remotely create and run a customized report for a Business Manager from whom they have received an urgent cell phone call.



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