Around the clock database availability is a requirement for today’s IT organizations. Database downtime can have a significant negative impact on corporate productivity and the bottom line.

Providing Proactive Technologies’ MobileDBA product to your database administrators is one means of providing 24-7 availability. A second or complimentary strategy is to sign up for a Proactive Technologies’ RemoteDBA+ service program. This service puts our staff of experienced Oracle DBAs to work for you monitoring and administering your databases. Working remotely, our DBAs will continually monitor performance, report findings, analyze problems and implement solutions. In addition to utilizing remote laptop access to your database, all of our DBAs also actively use the MobileDBA product.

We have a variety of RemoteDBA+ service plans that you can utilize. You can use us during peak hours, off-hours, or on a 24-7 contingency or permanent basis. Some of the features of the RemoteDBA+ service include:

Performance Tuning

  • Monitor and adjust disk I/O.
  • Monitor and adjust CPU utilization.
  • Monitor and adjust rollback segment usage and contention.
  • Monitor and adjust redo log usage and contention.
  • Monitor and adjust shared pool performance.
  • Monitor and adjust buffer cache performance.
  • Monitor and adjust data dictionary cache performance.
  • Monitor and adjust library cache performance.
  • Monitor and adjust workload balance.
  • Monitor object fragmentation and row chaining.

Object Maintenance

  • Create, modify, or drop users, tables or other objects.
  • Manage database objects and storage parameters.
  • Manage partitioned tables and indexes.
  • Grant or revoke object privileges.
Space Management
  • Manage disk space capacity.
  • Manage amount of free space.
  • Manage objects reaching their maximum extent.
  • Manage system growth for capacity planning.
  • Manage system growth for proactive problem resolution.
Critical Failure Monitoring
  • Monitor system for downed server.
  • Monitor system for downed database.
  • Monitor system for downed listener.
  • Monitor alert logs for new alerts.
  • Manage system growth for proactive problem resolution.
Backup and Recovery Management
  • Complete backup configuration analysis.
  • Manage hot and cold backup processes.
  • Complete recovery plan analysis.
  • Manage recovery plan including periodic test runs and actual recovery.
  • Manage online archiving.
Instance Management
  • Create new instances.
  • Analyze and implement database patches and upgrades.
  • Analyze and implement application patches and upgrades.

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