Oracle Database administration and tuning via a wireless handheld device
Oracle Database administration and tuning via a wireless handheld device
The Mobile-DBA tools make’s database administration away from the office easy

Mobile-DBA Benefits

Around the clock database availability is a requirement for today’s IT organization. Database downtime can have a significant negative impact on corporate productivity and the bottom line. 

Despite this reality, IT organizations, short of having each of their databases staffed 24-7, often lack the means to get their administrators quick access to their databases and to the tools needed to analyze a problem and implement the solution. While existing “paging” solutions do quickly alert an administrator that a problem exists, remotely securing both quick database access itself, as well as to the tools to remotely administer their database, is where the significant delays occur. Knowing that a problem exists, but not being able to analyze and implement the solution is both frustrating and costly!

MobileDBA solves this problem through a complete Oracle/SQL Server database administration utility loaded onto a wireless handheld device. Mobile-DBA allows your database administrators and support workers the ability to respond to problems from anywhere. Mobile-DBA is the ultimate real-time remote database notification, diagnosis, and implementation solution. Manage database objects, users, sessions, storage, performance, and execute SQL/Commands to name a few of the capabilities. All from a wireless device that fits in your pocket.

Increase Productivity

  • Mobile-DBA unchains DBAs from their desks. They have increased freedom, but also become available 24-7.

  • DBAs will spend more time analyzing and solving, not attempting to access their database and administration tools.

  • Mobile-DBA’s streamlined “stylus” functionality will speed both troubleshooting and resolution once database access is achieved.

Improve the Bottom Line

  • Significant reduction in database downtime will directly improve your bottom line.

  • Individual DBAs will be able to support more databases due to productivity gains.

Share Expertise

  • DBAs with varying individual database knowledge or overall administration expertise are available 24-7.


  • Every business has different needs. Mobile-DBA can scale to fit your size and configuration regardless of the number of databases, users, locations or the type of wireless devices used.


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