MobileDBA DB2 UDB Features

MobileDBA takes database administration to the next level. First, it provides DBAs with a remote wireless connection to their database from any location using PocketPC or Palm devices. Next, the device is loaded with Proactive Technologies’ leading edge software application that allows DBAs to completely administer their database as if they were in the office. Finally, the application is extremely easy to use, being an entirely “stylus” only driven application.

The MobileDBA software package includes server software that resides on an organization’s LAN, behind the firewall and thin client. MobileDBA was designed with security in mind. It has several layers of security and can seamlessly work with VPN, SSL, DESX and other encryption protocols.

Key Features:

Object Management

• View complete information for all object types in the database.
• Create, modify, or drop database objects.
• Drill down to information related to the object.
• Grant or revoke object privileges.

Session Management

• Monitor database or instance user connections.
• View locked sessions separately.
• View session statistics and details.
• View last SQL and run explain for SQL statement.
• View session locks.
• Kill session.

Security Management

• View, create, modify or drop Users.
• View, create, modify or drop Groups.
• Grant or revoke system privileges.
• Grant or revoke object privileges.

Storage Management

• Monitor and manage SMS and DMS tablespaces.
• View and alter all tablespace parameters.
• Create new tablespace.
• View tablespace snapshot.
• Monitor and manage bufferpools.
• View and alter all bufferpool parameters.
• Create new bufferpool.
• View bufferpool snapshot.
• Manager Partition Groups.

Performance Management

• Proactive performance monitoring and resolution functionality.
• View various snapshots.
• Manage Snapshot and Event monitors.
• Analyze server memory.
• Analyze bufferpool performance.
• Analyze sorting perofmance.

Instance / Database Management

• View main instance and database information.
• View and Modify instance and database configuration parameters.
• View instance and database snapshot.
• Quiesce / Unquiesce database or instance

Procedure Management

• View all stored procedures by schema and/or database.
• View procedure code, dependencies, parameters, privileges.
• Edit or drop procedure.
• Execute any procedure and view output.
• Create new Procedure.

SQL Commander

• SQL Commander is an interactive interface for a user to run any database command or query as if they were at their desk.
• Save commands and statements for future execution.

Server Management

• Secured connection to Windows / Unix server command line.
• Run database backup scripts and any other scripts in foreground or background.
• Create and edit scripts.
• Execute CLP commands.
• View db2diag.log file
• Save shell and CLP commands and statements for future execution.

Data Management

• Browse data.
• Edit / Delete selected record.
• Select wizard.
• Insert wizard.
• Delete wizard.
• Free form SQL.
• View object properties.

With server manager functionality DBAs can use this application even when database is down. Administrators will be able to connect to database server simply by selecting DB name and providing OS userid/password. MobileDBA ServerManager supports SSL , ECC/DESX protocols and can be seamlessly used with Mobile VPN solutions.



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